Alyssa Milano Net Worth

As you know, Alyssa Milano has endured a very lengthy and successful career in show business, from a child actor on the television sitcom Who's the Boss? and later on she starred in the series Charmed, along with appearances in various movies and other programs.

Over the years Ms. Milano has made quite a bit of cold hard cash, in fact her estimated net worth is said to be around $20 million.

Not bad for a child actor, eh?

Alyssa Milano Sunglasses

Can i get a little insight from any professional sunglasses recognizer who can identify these beautiful sunglasses worn by Alyssa Milano?

I love this over sized style, but i have no earthly idea what the brand and model name is. Send you thought my way!



Alyssa Milano White Teeth

Alyssa Milano is what i would consider a total package type of girl, she really has it all going for her. She has the beauty, the personality, the super stunning smile and she really seems to be outgoing and fun.

I wonder what type of teeth whitening solution she uses? Because her teeth are ultra white!

Alyssa Milano Height

Today we'll take a look at how tall Alyssa Milano is, but first what do you think Alyssa Milano's height is?

Nowadays it seems like the majority of celebrities are relativity short in stature, unlike the golden years of Hollywood, back when many actor were above 6 foot.

Alyssa Milano fits in perfectly with the little people of show business, as she is merely 5 feet 2 inches tall.


Alyssa Milano Bra Size

Have you ever wondered what Alyssa Milano's bra size is? Well sure you have!

Alyssa Milano's bra size is said to be 34C.

This information will most likely not benefit you in any way, however its just fun to know little facts about your favorite stars! Right!?!


Alyssa Milano Plastic Surgery?

I have seen several plastic surgery gossip blogs talking about how Alyssa Milano has underwent plastic surgery, more specifically an eye lift and botox injections.

And my response to those blogs are "wow, are you kidding?"

I sometimes think these people just randomly make up stories, simply to get a rise out of celebrities and their fans.

What do you think about these absurd plastic surgery allegations?
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